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Rose Task Chair

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ROSE Task Chair

Whether you are above or below average height and build you need to have a task chair that correctly fits your needs. With petite, standard and tall options, Harvey is designed to accommodate individuals of different sizes whilst maintaining a consistent look throughout the working environment.

What the experts say...
A highly supportive ergonomic chair designed by ergonomists with the user comfort in mind. Two back sizes and three seat sizes ensures a good fit can be achieved for most people.

Ideally to select the correct chair, users should fill out a seating assessment form which collects dimensional information. People are multi-variate which means they may be longer in the legs than the back and vice versa; weight also has a bearing on correct chair choice. As a very general guideline if people are in their ‘ideal BMI weight’ the Harvey chair size may be suitable for people of the following height ranges:

  ROSE Standard (standard seat and high back) 5ft to 5ft 11 inches (152.4cm to 180.3cm)

 A tension control allows you to adjust how easy or difficult it is to recline in the chair.

The Self Balancing Mechanism lets the chair do the thinking for you, all you have to do is choose whether to lock or unlock the chair (we always recommend movement). When unlocked the chair will recline, opening up your trunk to thigh angle as you ‘rock’ and automatically adjusting to your weight.

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