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       5 Star Google Reviews

Sit and Stand Corner Desk Height adjustable Desk with memory

Sit and Stand Corner Desk Height adjustable Desk with memory

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Sit-Stand Height Adjustable Desks Self Assemble

Best selling  Item To NHS and other Corporate Customers

  • Stand Radial Desk Frame L- or Y-shape (90°/120°) size options


  • Unique design: L-shape (90°) or Y-shape (120°), heavy duty steel construction, max. load 150 Kg / 330 lbs.
  • Telescopic frames to suit tops of different widths and depths.
  • Triple fast & quiet electric motors for smooth and easy height adjustment.
  • Super-sensitive anti-collision technology, powered by dual sensors: Gyroscope and Ammeter.
  • 3-stage legs for a much larger height adjustment range of 62-128cm (24.4″-50.4″).
  • Modern touch-sensitive remote control with 3-memory setting and an alert timer.


  • Desk size required  1200,1400,1600 x 800mm deep also 600mm deep  other sizes available please call
  • comes unassembled to save money
  • power 240V
  • Range of Movement 720mm to 1210mm
  • Load Capacity 100kgs
  • max speed 16mm second
  • arrives in two boxes and can be fixed to the existing desktop

Workspace islands are a common scene in modern open-plan offices, and two designs are particularly popular:

  • Circular islands of 3 or 6 workstations  (120°)
  • Rectangular islands of 2 or 4 or 6 workstations (90°)

Now you can make these workspaces even healthier with sit-stand desk frames. The key feature is the telescopic frame can change shape from 120° (circular island) to 90° (rectangular island).

The Allcam EDF13T has several improved features against the previous EDF03T electric radial desks, mainly:

  1. Super-sensitive anti-collision technology. There are two sensors: Gyroscope and Ammeter. The gyroscope is the same technology that a smartphone utilises to sense orientation. Please note because the gyroscope is so sensitive that you will have to ensure the desks are installed perfectly level, otherwise you will get a lot of false alarms.
  2. One foot and two pads for the legs. You mentioned that the three feet (of EDF03T) are hindering the movement of chairs and other under-desk furniture like pedestals, so we only kept one and replaced the other two with plastic pads, offering you both stability and max under-desk space.
  3. Clean finish. Now all screws and holes are hidden.

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