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Height Adjustable Desks

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With many of us working from home which is being forced on us during the recent Coronavirus crisis, which I can see becoming much more regular in the future with the use of Microsoft Teams and Zoom now commonplace. We need to look at how we are working at home with many working on dining room tables and chairs, which are clearly not designed for being sat at behind a computer for 8 hours a day. We all need to look at this environment and stop the mentality of ‘that will do’, as it won’t. As the saying goes, it will come back to bite you. Sitting badly now has serious consequences for your back and joints later in life

The Solutions

One solution that has become increasingly popular is sit-stand desks, where you have the flexibility to sit or stand at your desk with the computer keyboard and mouse moving with you. These are ideal desks for any home office setup where space is often tight. Here are some of the different types of height adjusting desks:

First is the desk top height adjustable unit. Working on a balance or spring mechanism, this desk moves up and down by pulling two levers. The main advantage of these is flexibility. If you have to use the dining room table or a wall bench then these are the way forward. They can easily be moved off the unit and you can pack them up and take them to another site. These units like all other products require purchasing from a reliable source and need to be of good quality. Cutting corners will leave you with a weak and wobbly desk which won't stand the test of time. The starting cost for a good quality desk top unit is around £300. This could go up to £450, depending on the size of the surface.

The true height adjustable desk comes in various sizes with a telescopic support bar varying the size of the main unit. To work out the height required there are two main differences: 600mm up to 1200mm high unit which uses two telescopic supports and the 700mm up to 1100mm high unit which uses a single Telescopic support. The price various between single telescopic support from approximately £400 up to £600 with the twin telescopic support units starting at £600.

The two other options available are built-in height-adjustable desks made for your room with colour options. While this option is ideal for unique spaces they do need measuring and building to size.

The last option is the full-size balance height adjustable desk. This is much like the desk top unit but it is full-sized, does not need power and has full height adjustment. Prices start at around £800.

Our Height Adjusting Desks

We have been supplying these desks for many years and have excellent feedback from our customers about how these desks have changed the way they work. Let's take this opportunity to improve the way we work going forward.

You can view our range of high-quality height adjustable desks here, or our catalogue contains our full extensive range.


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